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Sports massage – an essential part of your marathon preparations


marathonThe spring marathon season is upon us, with Paris, Brighton and London marathons coming up over the next few weeks. For many of us, we’re about to embark on a challenge that we’ve always dreamed of completing, and we’ve been preparing for over many months. But like all races, marathons, and the training they require, put pressure on our bodies and the last thing we want is an injury that will prevent us competing on the day. To help avoid this, many runners incorporate sports massage into their event training and they’re right to do so – it’s an essential, not a luxury, when you’re preparing to run a marathon. 

Pre-event sports massage

Sports massage improves your flexibility by stretching the muscles and the soft tissues that surround them. It helps to breakdown scar tissue resulting from an old injury and improves the elasticity of the tissue. Likewise, if you’ve sustained a new injury, sports massage helps recovery; it realigns the damaged fibres and increases the delivery of the essential healing blood cells to the target tissue.

sports massage 2Sports massage improves your circulation and tissue permeability. The increased circulation allows oxygen to flow easily around your body, particularly to the muscles, while the improved permeability means that it’s easier for nutrients and oxygen to reach the cells while waste products, such as lactic acid, are removed more efficiently. The result of this is that your body can do more and run further before your muscles fatigue, as well as reducing recovery times between training sessions and after a race.

Tissue manipulation offers pain relief, because massage encourages your body to get rid of the waste products and tension while releasing natural endorphins that help to reduce pain. The relaxing effects of sports massage can sooth the nerve endings, release fascial tightness and help reduce pre-event anxiety and tension.

Post-event sports massage

After the event, massage will ease away the aches and pains helping your body to repair itself after its high-intensity exercise, returning the muscles to their normal state, thus reducing any pain or discomfort you might be experiencing.

There are so many benefits of sports massage, from speeding recovery and reducing pain to relaxing your mind. So, if you’ve got a marathon coming up, we hope you’ll be booking in to see us soon – sports massage is an essential part of the preparations. To find out more about how we’ve helped other athletes, click over to our testimonials page to read what they have to say.