Sports massage

Regular Maintenance Massage is designed to help the athlete reach peak performance and provides a vital part of the training routine, helping to decrease recovery time between training sessions and detect areas which may lead to problems. Massage improves range of motion and flexibility and enables the athlete to train harder and with less risk of injury.

Rehabilitation Massage aids in the management of both acute and chronic injuries, alleviates pain and speeds return to functional fitness. It incorporates many techniques including soft tissue work, muscle energy and neuro-muscular facilitation, trigger point therapy and myofascial release.

Event Massage takes place either before or after exercise. It warms the muscles, increasing the circulation and helps to reduce the risk of injury. It increases flexibility and helps to improve range of motion. Afterwards it aids the reduction of muscle spasms, cramps and metabolic build up that occur after intensive exercise and helps to normalise the body’s tissue.

These benefits are invaluable not only for athletes, but also for anyone who works out on a regular basis or suffers the stresses and strains of everyday life, irrespective of daily activities, age or ability.

It is also suitable for clients without complaints who enjoy a deep tissue massage.